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16/11/2018 | Bulk Handling & Process Engineering

A new project for Acmon Group of Companies - H.G.I. Batch plant upgrade

Hellenic Glass Industry has assigned to Acmon Systems the complete Batch Plant renovation of "Biomedsklo” plant in Ukraine.  

Biomedsklo produces medical & standard container glass bottles (30 ml - 2 lt) through its 160 tpd furnace operation, established a year ago, via 3 production lines. 

Scope of the project is to fully upgrade existing lines automation by adding new PLC & WinCC / SCADA based on Siemens environment, (an official Acmon’s Group solutions Partner), advanced mixing control features and new electrical cabinets.

Moreover, the assigned project includes complete production Management software, (from raw materials reception up to production recipes), through ‘Trace Pro’ software suite, fully developed by Acmon Data.  This extended software application -that includes M.E.S. & W.M.S. modules - is being able to integrate all Plant’s departments (Production, Automation, R&D, Logistics, etc.), as well as exchanging data with existing ERP.  

The project is scheduled for commissioning on late November 2018, enriching the list of assigned projects by H.G.I. to Acmon Group of companies


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Admixture Plants in BPV Industry Acmon Systems recently delivered three major turn key plants in Africa region and Russia producing a large range of concrete admixtures, flooring solutions, cementitious grouts and concrete repair mortars for a well-known multinational firm.

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