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Production of WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite)


This is an integrated solution (turn-key project) for the production of new generation synthetic materials (Wood-Plastic Composite), for market leader in the field of wooden furniture for home/office.

The objective of the project implementation was to produce hundreds of parts and finished indoor and outdoor products  (profiles, doors, windows, railings, stairs, floors, etc.).

The first stage of production involves a series of machines for processing and reduction of mesh size of existing production's scrap materials and storage the Wood Powder in big outdoor silo.

The second stage includes an integrated management and processing system of raw materials (wood powder, PVC / PE, additives) to: 

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  • Storaging
  • Conveying
  • Weighing & dosing
  • Pelletizing and cooling
  • Exrtuders feeding 
  • Process control  

Although the competition from foreign companies was really hard, Acmon Systems was chosen due to vast experience in bulk handling systems and selection of the appropriate process through reliable partners and manufacturers.

We do believe that the best way to justify the quality and the high level of the technical solutions of ACMON System's products is through our "live" projects.
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