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Wood Pellets

Wood pellets have gained in popularity over the past years as a heating fuel, with many households and commercial facilities, choosing pellet burning equipment, over traditional wood burning equipment, due to their ease of use and low cost.   

As a result there has been an increase on wood pellet demand.

Production Process
The typical production of wood pellets, starts with the receipt of raw matterials to be used (wood of various types, pallets, sawdust, wood leftovers etc.) which go through a grinder to reduce their size. 

From there the materials go through a Dryer to remove any harmful moisture left in the materials. After the dryers, the material is ready to pass through the hammermills to reduce its granulometry to be ready for pelletizing (fine-grinding). 

Next the material is ready to pass through the pelletizers and give them their shape. Because after the pelletizing process, the pellets are very hot, they need to go through a cooler so no moisture will be held in the final product to jeopardise its final quality. Last step is stifing from any sawdust or crumbles, and the wood pellets are ready to be stored, packaged or shipped.


At Acmon Systems, we can provide several solutions depending your needs.

Whether it is for a single machine, or a complete turn-key project, and in collaboration with the rest members of  Acmon Group, we can cover your needs

Through our cooperation with well-known specialized manufacturers, and our experienced from two finished facilities (France and Greece), we have the human work force and know-how to complete any project and support it afterwards through our service.

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