Our outdoor silos in stainless steel or aluminum are designed on the first in first out principal saving ground space securing excellent product flow and smooth production processes. Their inner surface is entirely smooth inside to prevent the persistence of leftovers. Modular silos provide the maximum flexibility while maintaining top quality and hygienic standards and are easily shipped and installed reducing your costs. On the other side, monolithic silos from carbon or stainless steel is also an option.

All types of our silos are non-corrosive, weather resistant, with 0% cost maintenance while protecting the stored product from unwanted environmental influences which could degrade its quality. Storage solutions define your product’s quality and Acmon Systems recognizes this and therefore we do everything to safeguard your business value.


A square silo provides 25% more storage capacity than round silo on the same floor area. For bulk goods, square sizes could be the right shape for maximum storage capacity. This concept is characterized by an optimum storage capacity and flexible layout options. A clever design produces the best possible product discharge with maximum storage capacity.


Entirely hygienic internal storage of bulk raw materials in powder or granule form. Sturdy modular structure in galvanized or stainless steel, for any indoor environment. Bags are constructed by anti-static Trevira fabric. Designed for easy assembling and transport lowering your installation & transport costs.

The silo is equipped with controlled extraction systems to feed pneumatic conveying lines. Weight control through weighing cells could be installed. Available in many sizes according to your space requirements. In storage capacity exceeds 10.000tns.


Built-in features

  • Safety device on the filling pipe in case of overpressure
  • Explosion vent panels ensuring storage safety
  • Inspection window viewing the interior
  • Vibration bottoms or aeration units help in discharging products from storage silos
  • Electronic weighing systems at the base of the silo indicating on real time the quantity contained controlling your stock
  • Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)
  • Preventive measures can be taken to stop potential ignition sources such as electrostatic discharge and sparks from entering through the silo inlet or prevent nests of smoldering material inside the bulk solid
  • Sensors detecting explosion (active safety system)
  • Energy release of the explosion to mitigate its hazardous consequences (passive safety system)
  • Dust control systems, filters…etc meeting the highest hygienic standards
  • Vibrating bin dischargers for sugar discharge, fluidization discharge cones for flour discharge etc



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