Every production company faces the challenge of storing bulk raw materials in powder or liquid form. However, should they be designed with respect to the flow characteristics and bulk properties of the material, this challenge can turn into a benefit to maintain your product quality to the level first received as well as reducing the costs of managing downstream in your process line.

A variety of options are available among a wide range of standardized modules, but tailor made constructions are also available to meet the most individualized needs.

Acmon systems manufacture silos for solids either powder or granules in painted carbon or stainless steel and aluminium for internal and external use in various types, shapes, and storage capacities. Cost effective solutions made from special textile food grade or not are also available for indoor dry areas.

From 1m³ to 200m³ monolithic singe block or square type for increased storage capacity in the same area, to few thousands tones in flat corrugation format with omega sections, suitable for dry and easy flowing cereals.

Yet can be equipped with variety of features, instrumentation and control systems for elimination of internal segregation or material de-mixing, explosion risks and hazards, (ATEX certified) self-cleaning bag or cartridge filters, dehumidifiers and thermal insulation, built in load cells providing full live weighing, self-supporting skirts among others high end modules for loading and unloading processes.

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View the embedded image gallery online at:

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