Screening & Sieving

The quality of a product in the end phase is rapidly becoming an important and competitive factor across the industry.

Acmon systems provides extra care and delivers adequate solutions to every factor that may affect end product quality and safety and ensures that your customers will receive every single time the quality level you have set.

Sieves are one of the most critical checking points on a production site simply because it safeguards your downstream process from foreign bodies contamination and thus the end products you dispatch on daily basis.

Acmon systems provides screening, separation, and filtration solutions for almost all types of powders and liquids across an extremely wide range of industries worldwide. Available in a wide range of finishes and features suitable for industrial, food or pharmaceutical applications, can be fitted with an extensive variety of standard options tailored to your requirements.

Sieves are divided into two mains categories the centrifugal and vibratory ones both comes in gravity or inline applications with pros and cons, respectively. However, the most critical selection factor comes from the application itself.

Vibratory provides gentle handling of materials passing through, situated in small headroom and footprint while they can build in with features of easy dismantling and cleaning enabling quick change overs, vibrasonic mesh deblinding, magnetic separators, oversize outlet, ATEX and “0 access’’ compliance just to name a few, ensuring end product purity, reduce maintenance costs and downtimes while eliminating reliance on skills of operators. 

Centrifugal on the other hand is ideal for high capacities especially for inline sieving applications while special oversize material contamination outlet reduce downtimes for cleaning and inspection.

Acmon systems, as a solution provider with extensive experience in projects on a turnkey basis has a comprehensive view of the application as a whole, taking into consideration not only bulk material properties but also other factors such as the integration of upstream and downstream equipment guarantee the trouble free operation of one of your most critical safety point.



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