Mixing & Blending

Mixing & blending systems are an essential part of many solids and liquids processing systems. Proper mixing of powders or liquids blending enables efficient and effective processing to achieve a homogenous product while providing consistent quality to your end production outcome. In Acmon Systems we combine knowledge and experience along with leading European manufacturers to ensure high throughputs, superior homogeneity, and rigorous sanitation standards are upheld before, during, and after mixing and blending processes.

Mixers for solids classified in various types with ribbon and ploughshare ones to dominate the market, however conical screw mixers, twin shaft paddle and verticals ribbon are also suitable for high end or special applications.

Available in a wide range of finishes and features suitable for industrial, food or pharmaceutical applications, can be fitted with an extensive variety of standard options tailored to your requirements.

There is plenty of selection criteria to choose from, but again the application itself takes the lead. From bulk material properties, production throughput, cycle times, production set up (batch or continuous), degree of homogeneity, upstream and downstream equipment, space and headroom, to more complex factors which may raise when other processes take place on the mixer itself such as weighing, heat treating or even nitrogen blanketing for ATEX compliance.

Acmon systems has an extensive experience in hundreds mixing applications for almost every industrial sector all around the globe and thus consider a leading solution provider that can bring to life the most challenging mixing application.


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