Melting Tank


A melting tank is used for melting cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and fat blocks.

The tank, the jacket, the grid, the hood, all are built from stainless steel. The hood is removable for cleaning purposes.

The melting grid is placed on top of the melter, made out of stainless steel tubes. Hot water (up to 90°C) run through the tubes to melt the butter/fat blocks. The melting grid is removable if needed to clean the tank.

Steam or water is provided by the customer. A heater is installed for warming up the water for the melting grid, while for the jacketed tank, a closed circuit running with water or special heating oil, is heated through electrical resistances. Upon request, two split heaters can be installed, one for the grid and one for the jacketed tank, or one heater for the grid and a heat alternator for the jacketed tank. Temperature sensors are placed within the tank and tubing to measure temperatures of the water as well as the products. All readings can be shown on local displays or run through a PLC/Scada system.


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