Material Intake

The gathering of raw materials in a production facility is considered one of the most challenging processes for the factory itself.

It is the point where internal regulations and processes of individualized sites meet third party vendors and suppliers with the majority of the cases being different than the internal ones.

Various parameters should be cross-checked relating to the consistency in quality for both the material itself but also in terms of packaging, proper labeling for easy traceability, the time it takes for the truck to unload on site, invoicing control and so on so forth.

Packaging format is usually what determines the correct equipment a production facility should have in place for the gathering of the goods to be made through a smooth and easy process.

The most used formats are in bulk, big bags or 25kg bags for solids and barrels or IBC’s when it forms to liquid. Whichever the case may be, Acmon systems provides the right equipment to ensure the proper gathering of the goods.

From silos and big bag or bag tipping stations, and in most cases all three combined, Acmon systems evaluate not only the packaging format but the special bulk properties of the goods amongst a long list of different modules which enables us to provide the right component in the right place.

Special features and software services are also available to connect your reception process to any WMS or ERP software that you have already allowed with the easy integration as well as your existing interfaces.

Most production processes start with the unloading of the “raw material”. There are many ways to receive bulk materials and most Industries use more than one method. In this 1st production stage, decisions taken could affect the quality of the final product, safety, costs, speed and many other factors which determine your way of doing business and staying competitive.

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