Air cleanness is a clear necessity all across the entire industry. Clean air means a safe and healthy Environment both for the facility itself but also for the operators.

Acmon systems as a solution provider in bulk material handling and process engineering plants can easily identify the dust exposure source on any existing or new investment you are planning. Our vast knowledge and extensive experience in the industrial field enables our engineers to understand not only the dust that is generated but also the way in which the processes you have create this dust.  

We can manage your dust control performance based on the level of your dust and emissions exposure in the most efficient way possible, safeguarding your production from explosion risks and regulatory standards you need to meet.

Acmon systems engineers are taking into consideration various factors as a selection criterion based on a wide range of standards modules tailor made to meet your individualized specifications and standards. From cartridge and bag filters made in a variety of sizes and types that can be situated to individualized components such as bag or big bag tipping stations, bucket elevators, hoppers, bins and silos venting to centralized solutions through a single or a group of dedusting, air aspiration systems.


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