As technology keeps advancing on a daily basis, the need of proper conveying materials such as bulk solids or liquids from one point to another, standards and deliverables is becoming stricter than ever. The internal production supply chain has become essential to the entire business success since it can either reduce or skyrocket operational expenditures, directly affecting Cost of Goods Sold.

Acmon systems has a proven track record for nearly 30 years in delivering hundreds of conveying applications all across the globe and based on that expertise we consider ourselves specialists in design, manufacture, install, commissioning and start up any of pneumatic conveying type, to meet the most strict and challenging specifications. We take into consideration a long list of factors and bulk material properties to ensure the trouble free operation of your conveying line for many years to come.

Various types of conveying are available in the market which been divided into two main pillars: mechanical and pneumatic.

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