Batch Plants in Glass Industry

Plants in Glass Industry

The Batch House is a crucial part of a glass manufacturing site, since high quality glass production undoubtedly requires high-quality batches. Indeed, an effective batch plant, aimed to supply high quality mixed raw materials, is considered the starting point for an increase in the overall Plant performance. Manufacturing high quality glass requires an exact and reproducible batch composition. Each plant is specially planned, designed and implemented to meet personalized customer needs.

We design and renovate sophisticated, tailor-made plants according to our customers’ requirements, with great consideration for local conditions (such as raw materials availability, weather conditions variety, etc.). Our Batch Plants provide ease of expansion and are in full compliance with all safety standards and machinery directives.

Acmon Systems are also equipped to provide effective batch plant modernization, without affecting normal operation. Furthermore, control systems provide ease of expansion without any production loss.

  • Raw materials handling
  • Material intake
  • Dosing and Weighing
  • Storage and Conveying
  • Mixing
  • Cullet

Batch House needs single source responsibility

Engineering & Designing

Development of engineering drawings (including general layout, plant layout, equipment details, structural and piping drawings, etc.).

Efficient Implementation

Specifying suitable equipment according to the technical specifications. Development of software / process control systems.

Project Management

The project is fully managed to meet delivery times,facilitate installation and start-up, and provide trainingfor all delivered equipment. Acmon Systems will assigna dedicated Project Manager to oversee every project phase, ranging from preliminary design to customer acceptance. The Project Manager provides a single contact point for all involved parties, and will visit the project site multiple times to attend meetings and monitor the progress.

Installation, Commissioning & Training Services

Installation supervision services will be provided. This is an on-site service, performed by highly qualified personnel during the project’s commissioning. Starting up, testing and calibration of the machinery for the process, and setting up and testing the control system are all included. Besides, we also provide extended training for the Plant operating staff.

Maintenance & Service Supports

Troubleshooting during working hours (call back time 4h/8h). Technical support through VPN remote access. Cost effective maintenance modules for a trouble-free operation.

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