More and more industrial plants across the globe are struggling to find cost effective ways to reach the fourth industrial revolution or the so-called industry 4.0, in order to try and optimize their business. A shift from conventional mass production models to novel mass customization ones such as Made to order or configure to order products are in a paramount importance now more than ever before. Flexible production lines and elimination of human interaction to error proof the production as a whole are only couple of the challenges.

Acmon systems retain an autonomous department for automation solutions which is an integral part of bulk material processing solutions provider as their core business.

Using software platforms and low to medium power components from the top European and US manufacturers like Siemens, Rockwell, and Schneider Electric among others, Acmon’s automation department provides standardize digital enterprise solutions tailored to fit your individualized challenges.

PLC and Scada Systems in compliance with ISA 88 design philosophy combined  with MES software platforms from Acmon Data results to a sophisticated but simple to use and self- explanatory interface which constitutes the bridge between C-suite decision makers with machines and operators on the floor.

Even though Acmon systems is a leading manufacturer of silos, our automation philosophy and data handling are leading from the contrary approach which is no other than breakthrough data silos and provide a transparent information flow to your entire enterprise.


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