Project Management

Project management is essential in all projects. Why?

  • Projects are complex
  • Projects often have a number of contractors and sub contractors operating
  • Projects often have conflicts or challenges which need a fast resolve to keep the project on track and on budget
  • Projects must have a clear management overview
  • Project timing of all stages must be carefully monitored to ensure agreed timings of contractors or sub contractors are met. If not you will most likely hit cost overruns and project delays
  • Project management is a profession and taught skill and those assigned to it must be equipped to carry it out

At Acmon Systems, every project we handle is fully analyzed and a project manager assigned which stay by your side from the very first introduction up until the project is fully delivered onsite. The experienced project manager will oversee and monitor every phase of the project starting from conceptual and preliminary design up to final project acceptance.

Under the project manager is a Project team who’s duties include planning and managing the entire project process, staying on schedule of the work done on site, making sure that health and safety specifications are followed, continuously reviewing, modifying and updating the project time plan based on the latest changes and feedback while keeping an open communication channel throughout the entire supply chain both with customer’s team but also with any subcontractors involved.

The project manager provides to the customer a single point of contact and therefore a single source of responsibility for all related tasks of the Acmon project.

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