Project Management

Quite often in this industry, we have been faced with certain situations where conflicts have occurred between contractors and subcontractors. This has been for example, during the implementation and commissioning of a project. Effective responsibility allocation is a key factor in order to avoid major issues occurring such as incomplete plants and therefore unexpected costs which may result in certain projects exceeding the initial budget due to trying to satisfy various needs. Aside from these issues, a lot of companies choose options for manufacturing where a project management team is not available, in order to try and cut a portion of their budget. However, choosing this option does in fact come with certain consequences, as lead construction time are direct and indirect losses due to delivery dates not being kept accurately and makes the whole investment unfeasible right from the very beginning.

At Acmon Systems, every project we handle is fully analyzed, managed and coordinated from various project teams, which stay by your side from the very first introduction up until the project is fully delivered onsite. An experienced project manager is assigned to oversee and monitoring every phase of the project starting from conceptual and preliminary design up to final project acceptance.

Project team duties include planning and managing the entire project process, staying on top of the work done on site, making sure that health and safety specifications are followed, continuously reviewing, modifying and updating the project time plan based on the latest changes and feedback while keeping an open communication channel throughout the entire supply chain both with customer’s team but also with any subcontractors involved.

The project team provides to the customer a single point of contact and therefore a single source of responsibility for all related tasks of a project of this magnitude.

Project management is a diverse role which requires extensive knowledge and hands on experience, which is essential for the effective implementation and finish of every project, therefore should not be taken lightly and should be adapted at all costs.

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