After all of the design work and the construction of the plant and equipment in Acmon systems it is time for the installation. Acmon provides the full turnkey project to ensure plant and equipment are correctly installed and commissioned.

A qualified installation supervisor along with a dedicated team of engineers will carry out the installation and commissioning. This could be a full plant or inserting partial plant upgrade equipment. All work is carried out with respect to safety regulations and quality standards based on the project plan that takes into consideration customer’s production scheduling along with other contractors’ barriers working on site.

Acmon’s team takes care of a comprehensive set of services ranging from equipment dispatch from our premises up to unloading process on site, installation, commission, start up, training and final hand over with go live assistance. For the last 30 years Acmon Systems has processed more than 2500 installations all around the globe enabling our team to foresee any issues that may occur during installation and commissioning in advance.


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