Quality Policy of Acmon Systems


ACMON SYSTEMS is a company that is active in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of integrated industrial plants for the management of raw materials, with headquarters in Schimatari of Viotia.

The company has developed and currently implements a Quality Management System, which is harmonized with the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2015. The Management commits that through this:

  • They satisfy client demands, as these arise and are agreed upon.
  • They implement the regulatory and legislative commitments, at all times.  
  • They possess the logistical and human resources which will ensure the effective functioning of all its activities.  
  • They take into consideration all the information from external and internal interested parties such as clients, collaborators and employees and at the same time they convert them into actions for continued improvement of the Quality Management System.  
  • They set quantitative goals that are related to monitoring the effectiveness of processes and perform all the necessary actions to achieve them.  
  • They continuously improve the Quality Management System.  

Both Management and the staff of ACMON SYSTEMS understand that Quality is the result of a collective effort and comes upon collaboration. The common vision of the company and its employees shapes the commitments of this Quality Policy. The Quality Policy is available to interested parties and is updated during Management Review.







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