Loulis Mills

Loulis Mills

A high-end technological factory located in Bulgaria has been built on the base of the existing old one. An experienced team of Acmon engineers along with the customers project team designed the ultimate solution that could reach the flexibility required while also keeping the high standard set by Loulis flour mills over the last century.

Square shape silos increase storage capacity by 27% keeping the same footprint. State of the art screw conveyors after the bin activator on each silo with different lengths and through a complex configuration ensuring the feeding of the main Buhler mixer while feeding the bulk loading station or the homogenization process from silo to silo or even the bagging machine. A high-end microdosing station enhanced by flour improvers with integrated vibrating sieves putted in place is keeping accuracy levels very high. Furthermore, all productivity lines and ordering processes are centrally monitored and controlled through the use of TracePro MES system.

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Nikos Loulis

Nikos Loulis


‘’ Acmon throughout every collaboration has shown an excellent and professional front. Even during the designing phase, the ACMON team always had the right awareness while designing a functional flour mixing plant, as well as during the execution of the project where excellent project management was adapted all within the agreed time frame. We have also used ACMON Data's TracePro system which has helped greatly in order to make our production "paperless" while at the same time having the necessary data in order to maintain a clear monitoring of KPI's, therefore always making the right decisions. ’’



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