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Palletizing systems

Multilayer Palletizers

It forms layers by lateral bag pushing and each layer is flattened by its top and side bags. Bags turing system is defined according with the bag type: Side tops, turning cross, gripper,. Optimum final loolking, suitable for palletizing at high speeds  from a 500 to 4500 bags/hour.

  • Robust and flexible.
  • Simple and reliable kinematics.
  • Optimum palletizing quality.
  • Accessibility and safety in use.

 This range of palletisation offers different models adapted to the required production. The use of frequency variators and parameterisation programs ensure immediate adjustment of the palletiser with any bag dimension and production. 

High Level Palletizers (Cartesian)

High level palletizer that forms the layers one by one by means of bag depositions using a 3-axis robotic grip. The bags are placed on a surface and each layer is made independently before it will be placed on the pallet. This system has been specially designed to address the most difficult bags to a pallet. It palletises open-mouth bags with low filling rates. This series covers rates from 500 to 1200 bags/hour.

Robot Palletizer

Palletizer robot type suitable for medium capacity, up to 1600 bags/hour, or in applications where the robot is required to receive bags of several lines at once, or to compile several pallets simultaneously. By means of the control panel up to 200 different pallet formats can be programmed and store in memory to call when needed. The generation program for layers of each pallet is provided with each palletising robot and allows the user to create new formats.

The pincers for handling bags are specially designed to be manually adjusted depending on the bag size. Fitted with side guides in order to maintain the bag position at all times, in addition to guiding the bag verticality when it is deposited over the layer to make, with much precision as a result regarding the position of the bag. All movement of the pincer is synchronized with the robot arm movement with the bag remaining clamped at all times, preventing lateral movement.

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