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Materials receive, dosing and feeding mixers


Delivered in full operation in August 2010, for a world leader in food manufacturing factory in Timisoara a dry powders handling project.
It includes receipt of Raw materials (Main and additives) from 6 sack splitters and 5 BIG-BAG unloaders, under pressure conveying, weighing and dosing according to recipes and automatic feeding of the existing mixers.

The design and manufacturing took into consideration and be complied with the specific requirements for:

  • Equipment in stainless steel construction in AISI 304 (AISI 316 only for salt).
  • Install dedusting filters in all equipment to protect workers.
  • Use under pressure conveying systems to avoid dust leakages creating a dust proof environment.
  • Use of mechanical sieve and magnets for extract foreign materials.
  • Flexible process control with various configurations of production (production management, recipes, reports and control).
  • Traceability covers all production stages, data recording, production reports and stock control, interfacing with existing ERP systems.
  • Equipment in compliance with ATEX due to the nature of the materials.

We do believe that the best way to justify the quality and the high level of the technical solutions of ACMON System's products is through our "live" projects.
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