Modernization of Stergiou Factory with the signature of Acmon


Acmon Systems has been assigned the modernization of the production plant of fresh products owned by the well-known Greek company Stergiou Family. The Stergiou Family company possesses one of the most state-of-the-art factories in Metamorphosis, Attica, and is engaged in the production and distribution of confectionery and bakery products and sandwiches, offering products of excellent quality, incomparable taste, and freshness.

Acmon Systems, a member of the Acmon Group, undertook to fully automate the process of managing all raw materials, solids (variety of flours, sugar, micro-materials), and liquids (glucose, cold water, and different varieties of oils) for the automatic feeding of the main production lines of the factory.

More specifically, the project includes internal and external weighing silos for the storage of flour, sugar, and an automatic system for micro-ingredients, as well as stainless steel insulated tanks with heat exchangers for the storage of liquid materials. Solid materials through pneumatic transfer, and liquid materials through pump systems are transferred to weighing stations above the kneading machines. State-of-the-art automation handles the execution of recipes with absolute precision as well as the management of all recipes.

For this project, Acmon Systems will provide ATEX certification and systems which will ensure hygiene, easy cleaning & dedusting control, in compliance with modern industry standards. This way, low-cost production is achieved in a safe and hygienic environment, whilst ensuring the high quality of the final goods.

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