Glasstec 18

Glasstec 18


A fruitful participation

After four eventful exhibition days, we at Acmon Systems came to a very positive conclusion. We had many fruitful discussions with customers from all over the world and new collaborations were born as well as new batch plants and modernizations projects.

Acmon Systems showcased “state of the art” technological solutions and process automation systems for the optimal batch plant operation. Furthermore, effective batch plant modernizations were proposed without any interfering to the normal production cycle for small and large-scale projects.

Acmon Systems closes the curtains of the most important trade fair of Glass world with positivity and new projects which will bring a new era in Acmon Group of companies in Glass Industry.


Acmon Systems in a few words:

Acmon Systems is an engineering company with manufacturing facilities that specializes in “turn key” bulk handling systems for solids (granules or powders) and liquids, including complete solutions for storage of bulk materials, mechanical and pneumatic conveying, liquid flow control, weighing and batching systems, mixing, homogenization, production line feeding and full process control. Acmon Systems has a significant experience of more than 27 years and provides cutting-edge technologies adapted to every business’s unique characteristics and requirements. Engineering, Implementation, Installation, Fine tuning startup as well as After Start up Service support are A.S very fine skills for every customer and every project commissioned.


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