A unique EPS manufacturing plant

A unique EPS manufacturing plant


Acmon Systems has completed the modernisation of major parts of the plant owned by Monotez.

Acmon Systems has completed the modernisation of major parts of the plant owned by Monotez, member of the Ravago Group, in the Inofyta region of Viotia. The project was particularly demanding due to the nature of the EPS material involved. EPS stands for expanded polystyrene and is a thermoplastic material in the form of spherical beads. It contains pentane as blowing agent, therefore it must comply to the high safety standards of the ATEX EU Directive.

Acmon Systems undertook to design, furnish and install an integrated EPS management system that includes air transfer of expanded polystyrene beads, storage in silos, addition and mixing with special additives, and finally packaging the product in Octabin and big bags, with a maximum capacity of 240 tons per day.

The project, which was completed in November and is currently in full operation, is an EPS production plant that is unique not only in Greece but also throughout the Balkans, assuming a highly competitive role in the European market and building on Ravago Group's name and guarantee and Acmon Group's know-how.


A few words about Acmon Systems

Acmon Systems is an engineering company with a fully-organised manufacturing department certified to the ISO 9001 quality system. It offers Industrial Solutions and has substantial experience of over 29 years. Acmon Systems designs, develops and provides reliable systems that satisfy its clients’ demand for turnkey projects, while also offering full technical support and after-sales service.


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