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Liquids admixture plant for production of building materials

It is a full compact system, containerized type that can be easily dismantled, transported and installed to a new location, with minimum effort and requirements.

The Project consists of two mixing vessels responsible for mixing the solid particles and the liquids together.

The first stage of production is to produce some of the raw materials and store them to the corresponding raw tanks by unloading and dissolving solid particles from a big bag into the water through recirculation to the tank blender and adding if needed some ingredients.

The second stage is to execute the recipes using the raw materials stored in the corresponding tanks, the minor ingredients stored in IBCs, micro ingredients in powder form from sacks splitted above the mixing vessels and micro ingredients in liquid form from drums on platform scales, according to production program.

The third step is to send the finishing products to the corresponding storing let down tanks where it can be shipped to the client through IBCs, silo trucks, barrels etc.

The execution is made mainly in automatic way through pneumatic 2 and 3 ways diverter valves for handing the liquids and manually handling the powders for sacks through HIM.

Every tank is capable of using recirculation. In case the finishing products are not in line with the Quality Control Requirements, the mixtures can be brought back to the mixing vessels for further processing so that they can meet the standards. Any needed material can be sent to any given tank if desired, through the correct use of opening and closing the appropriate valves. The pipelines are minimized using manifolds and collectors at critical locations, achieving also simpler networks.

Special safety measures have been taken to avoid accidents caused by improper human actions.

We do believe that the best way to justify the quality and the high level of the technical solutions of ACMON System's products is through our "live" projects.
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