Plastic& Rubber Industry

Plastic and rubber are included in the same industry field, as they share common technical properties. The difference between them lies in their individual use in production process.

Industrial plants manufacture plastic products such as bags, bottles, plastic pipes, film, sheets and plastic foams, rubber products such as pipes, hoses, and tires using high-end technologies. The most common manufacturing processes for Polymers, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene are casting, injection, rotational or blow molding, extrusion, and additive manufacturing (3D printing), all of which require different methods of polymers (PP/PE, LLDPE/HDPE) storage, handling, conveying, mixing, dosing, and feeding.

With an experience of more than 30 years in the field and in close cooperation with the biggest multinational companies globally, Acmon Systems possesses a distinguished track record and provides a complete turnkey package: from raw material reception and storage to drying, conveying, mixing, dosing and feeding the downstream process.

Acmon Systems designs, selects and delivers plastics and rubber plants, always in compliance with the highest and most up-to-date European standards and regulations.

With inhouse developed solutions for a wide range of troubleshooting issues and demands in the plastic and rubber industry, such as the “angel hair” phenomenon that may occur in your pipeline, the material cross-contamination, and bulk product segregation throughout the storage phase, Acmon systems can be your preferred partner either you willing to renovate your old plant or your future greenfield investment.

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