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We are currently living in an era with the fastest growing population rate more than ever before in our global history. The emerging middle class, the drive for improving health and wellness alongside the natural resource efficiency, enables material manufacturers to greatly develop efforts not only to entire supply chain and formulation but also to technology and the equipment they use.
The need for making production facilities more efficient and flexible and at the same time using the minimum footprint and labor is essential in order to exceed in comparison to what case may have been like a decade ago.
Safety and global regulations should also be followed while not compromising performance and sustainability.
Acmon systems has developed innovative ways of doing business in this challenging market endorsing and enhancing functionality, durability, ease of use and interaction with the application process while keeping environmental hazards and risks to the lowest possible standard.
Processes in place such as 3D modeling and design, Lego type modular equipment and applications, sophisticated but easy to use automation and software platforms like MES and WMS are now heading towards a 4.0 industry era, while these are only a few of the processes that result in building or renovating it is a great investment for your plants.
Vast experience, knowledge and engineering specialization guarantee successful implementation and project delivery on a turnkey basis, while being responsible for every single source.


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