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Todays, increased demands, fast population growth rate and current ecological and sustainability standards require further efforts from material manufacturers to develop new and improved materials for the entire supply chain often with only the available technology and equipment.

The requirement for making production facilities more efficient and flexible, minimizing labor and their ecological footprint at the same time, is essential to industrial progress, however these requirements are often difficult if not impossible with the present plant and equipment. Moreover, global and safety regulations should also be followed without compromising performance and sustainability.

Acmon Systems has developed innovative solutions concepts in this challenging market, always endorsing and enhancing functionality, durability, ease of use and interaction with the application process, while keeping environmental hazards and risks to the lowest possible level.

To assist customers with new plant and equipment along with integration into existing facilities we provide 3D modeling and design right from the conceptual project phase.

To allow for future production expansion we can provide modular equipment and applications, sophisticated but easy-to-use automation and software platforms like MES and WMS heading towards a 4.0 Industry era, whether you are renovating your plant or building a new one.


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