In the exciting and highly demanding Glass world, batch house is undoubtedly a crucial part of a glass manufacturing, since a high-quality glass production is based on a high-quality batching.

An effective batch plant, aimed to supply high quality mixed raw materials, is considered as the starting point for an overall increase within the plant performance.

Acmon’s extensive knowledge of Industry requirements, product characteristics and material handling solutions, is based on almost 30 years of operations within the global Industry. We design sophisticated, tailor-made plants according to customers’ requirements and upon consideration of local conditions such as raw materials availability and climate conditions.

Our batch houses are in the process of expansion and in full compliance with safety standards & machinery directives. Furthermore, our control systems, are also in the process of expansion and without any production loss are fully aligned with the modern era of INDUSTRY 4.0.

Acmon Systems can also deliver effective & smart batch plant ‘s modernizations, without affecting normal operation.

Select the technologies you are interested in according to your process stage:

Batch Plants in Glass Industry
Cullet Handling in Glass Industry
Automation process control for glass industry
Additives Handling

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