Container, flat, fiber or special glass all starts with the proper batch.

 It is therefore crucial that each one of raw materials and additives are handling accurately, in time and in zero waste principle.

 Acmon systems provides batch plants for glass manufacturing industry to meet the demands of the rigorous requirements ranging from small and medium size plants up to large manufacturing sites with production rates exceeds 1000tn/day on 24/7 basis with a lifespan of at least 20years or more.

With more than a quarter of a century proven track record in global glass industry projects and extensive knowledge of the industry requirements, product characteristics, and raw material handling solutions, engineering teams in Acmon Systems design sophisticated, tailor-made plants based on a wide range of standardized configurations according to our customers’ needs.

We always taking into serious consideration particular properties of the industry such as high temperatures, abrasive materials, redundancy, recipe management flexibility, A to Z traceability amongst others.  Our plants and control systems are fully aligned with industry 4.0 standards, without any production loss or downtimes.


Select the technologies you are interested in according to your process stage:

Batch Plants in Glass Industry
Cullet Handling in Glass Industry
Automation process control for glass industry
Additives Handling

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