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A great number of consumers nowadays, including we, have been replacing meals with multiple snacks. Over the last decade the consumption of snacks has risen greatly and in particular the consumption of nuts and seeds has doubled.

Traditional snack makers need to reevaluate their product portfolio adopting new flavors and shapes, making them more healthy with protein-rich ingredients all while trying to keep up to date with the ever changing trends that keep the cost of goods sold the same as before.

Acmon systems maintain a high level of expertise in the specific field providing solution driven applications for demanding and emerging markets and manufacturers by applying the flexibility that is currently missing by keeping the same footprint as on the traditional productions site or even smaller. Modular designs, portable solutions and smart engineering are key ingredients on that while our make to order principle enable us to provide tailor made solutions suits best to individualized needs.


Storage silos free of degradation effect for corn meals and flour along with sugar and conveying solutions which are suitable for minimum grain damage allows the gentle and smooth handling of your core materials but also for your pellets, corn seeds and micro-pellets products for your state of the art extrusion line. 

Micro ingredients stations for flavors and accuracy sensitive powders or granules with premixes station are put into place as an option, yet liquids such as palm oil and fats provide a comprehensive turnkey approach to your snack production needs.



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