Pasta is one of the most traditional mediterranean foods and represents one of the most accessible and healthy carbohydrate-rich foods. The consumption of pasta has increased amongst the health-conscious consumers around the world as it is cholesterol-free and low in sodium yet as a result of rapid urbanization consumers are shifting towards easy to make food but still with premium quality.

In the light of this global production booming, Acmon systems supports world’s leading pasta manufacturers with A to Z material handling solutions.

Vast equipment portfolio ranging from semolina, flour and wheat silos with many different types of extraction modules, followed by any kind of pneumatic or mechanical conveying system based on the application, reaching filter cyclones and pneumatic conveying receivers, going through vibrating graders and high-end sieving technology to end up  efficiently feeding various production lines and extruders.

A unique and flexible design pasta recycling system ensures zero pasta waste by the reuse of all pasta cutoffs in a very controlled and efficient manner.   

Automatic micro dosing systems either in batch or specific weight operation off or on-line, ensures that any ingredient, vitamin, protein, albumin or any other powder or liquid material will reach your batch or continuous process at the right time and at the right accuracy.

Scada systems with MES or even WMS software module are built in for recipe execution and effective management which are put into place within every solution that Acmon systems deliver on a turnkey basis.


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