In an ever-changing food industry with increasingly altering consumer demands, dry mix producers must be innovators and game changers now, more than ever.

Special mixes like baking and pastry, spices, instant drinks, cakes, coffee and flour have been shifting towards a premium product category rather than a commodity one. These are categorized as special ingredients with high nutrition value but on the other hand poor flow characteristics due to fat or oil content exceeding 50% and moisture usually close to 0.1% or either exceeding 35% which makes material storage and handling quite a challenge. With such diverse ingredients, recipes and mixes, along with hygiene and sanitary expectations, HACCP regulations and ATEX directives grow in order to reach the ones of a pharma industry, which result in an increase in production challenges further down the line.


Acmon systems through its extensive experience in the field and having successfully delivered many similar turn key projects to some of the biggest multinational organizations worldwide, has developed special equipment to tackle and assess these challenges.

Equipment in modular configuration focusing on easy and quick change overs, easy cleaning,  special surface treatment and polishing, speedy and quick disassembly elements, easy access but at the same time under Log Out Tag Out principle, special sealings and aspiration for dust free operation while keeping Safety, quality and performance criteria in the highest level.



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