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Chocolate and confectionary manufacturers are facing multiple challenges due to recent price increase of raw materials and competition from smaller producers looking to invest in a small portion of the market. On the other hand, there is a high demand from consumers for sweet snacks which include candy and chocolate. Big manufacturers utilize this opportunity and try and create ways in order to put forward new development for products and personalizing flavors.


Acmon systems partnering with the best in the field, provides equipment with high levels of hygiene and sanitation features such as open structure profiles and easy cleaning attributes which result in speedy change overs for agile design in order to be able to provide the most demanding industrial plants.


From storage silos for sugar, to big bag unloaders for cocoa and milk powders, pneumatic conveying systems either in dilute or dense phase and mechanical conveyors like screw or tubular drag conveyors for nuts and seeds, to intermediate weighing hoppers or daily bins and super-fast mixers single or double shaft, these are just a few of the modules and elements that have on offer for you to choose from.


We also provide special design modules for liquids handling substances such as cocoa butter and butter milk, cottonseed oil, lecithin, emulsifiers or cocoa mass with unique steering and agitation elements, with heating jackets or half pipe coil and safety modules (LOTO) built in. 


All components and mechanical modules are completely aligned with the latest ATEX directives and HACCP specifications ready to be implemented from basic up to aseptic hygiene areas.  

Select the technologies you are interested in according to your process stage:

Screw heat exchanger
Dosing & Weighing
Grinding & Milling

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