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Acmon systems adopts a flexible design concept to customize any application in order to meet individualized needs and specifications, regardless of any restrictions in your factory based on size and capacity, and whether you are a new or old build greenfield, and whatever your main, medium and micro ingredient preferences may be.

Whether you would like to pick from a standardized base of modules and elements such as Internal Trevira silos or a stainless steel external one, high end sieving technology, in line metal separators or detectors, big bag unloaders combined with bag dumping station, pneumatic conveying receivers with built in weighing modules, yeast, butter-fat, bread cream, salt dissolvers or even milk powders with sugar and water premixes and dozers, contributes to a Lego type design, we can showcase the design to you beforehand in order to get your seal of approval prior to production

Continuous and demonstrated quality alongside unique flavors are key factors in performance as well.

Medium and micro ingredients handling solutions by Acmon systems, provide acute precision of up to 2grams per ingredient within every batch created on a 24/7 supervised operational basis.

We greatly understand that every gram and every time spent, is what matters the most and we have development ways in order to achieve nothing less than that.

Flour can be your key material, but safety, accuracy, sustainability, transparency throughout your production process, as well as waste material elimination should also be a significant part in your overall recipe for success and Acmon systems is ready to deliver this for you.


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