Animal food


The health awareness for growing livestock is boosting animal food production towards values that have never been seen before. Increasing demand for fish and fish-based produce is also consequently soaring in demand.

All animal, pet and aqua feed business is highly divided by global industry players trying to compete with regional producers more than before. Regardless if your production is regional or whether it belong within a global business, Acmon systems has the effective and suitable solutions in place in order to fulfill individual needs within any type of scale.

Beginning with the conceptual design to the installation, start up and go live assistance on a turnkey basis. Silos of up to 200m³, big bag unloaders and bag dumping station, mechanical or pneumatic conveying, mixing and feeding properly your production lines are just a few of the equipment supplies that we can provide for you. We know that micro ingredients handling especially when it comes to premixes is of a great importance for your batch and your final product consistency and quality. Acmon systems provides micro dosing stations divided in groups based on the required accuracy while also adapting a very special handling design process for even the most sticky and non-flowing powders, always protecting your brand reputation in terms of both efficiency and quality.        

Select the technologies you are interested in according to your process stage:

Screw heat exchanger
Dosing & Weighing
Grinding & Milling

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