Consumers and public health organizations worldwide are increasingly sensitive to the quality of the food and beverage products available. The same can be applied with manufacturing processes, which typically behind the scenes tend to black box for many consumers. The way in which food is produced, how safe it is, quality within flavor and why it is not always consistent? Furthermore, is the production of food enough in order to feed 9 billion people by 2050? These are just a few of the challenges which food makers face daily while simultaneously struggling for the appropriate answers and solutions.

Acmon systems provides leading food production manufacturing and solutions while also applying best practice in industrialized bulk material handling and storage processes in order to ensure high level of hygiene and sanitization with quick and easy tool free dismantling components as well as dust free and safe operational conditions.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can provide state of the art food processing plants which range from receiving the raw materials to the final product packaging stage and dispatch. Furthermore, topped with intelligent automation and monitoring systems using MES and WMS modules that ensure full traceability and bridge ERP systems with production that contributes greatly to an industry 4.0 plant.

Acmon systems aligning with the latest HACCP regulations and ATEX directives, constantly set standards for modern food production installation within all types of food sectors.

Select the technologies you are interested in according to your process stage:

Screw heat exchanger
Dosing & Weighing
Grinding & Milling

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