As the global construction industry enters a golden age, construction chemical manufacturers are at the forefront of development, providing efficient, state-of-the-art products to the industry. These manufacturers' wide-ranging product and solution portfolio include concrete admixtures, dry mortar and plaster powders, alkali-free accelerators, high viscosity pastes, greases, and oils

Manufacturing plants struggle to find new ways of doing business, trying to differentiate themselves from the competition, but the reality is not as smooth as it may seem. Old infrastructures are characterized by lack of available space, limited height and outdated equipment, disadvantages that result in limited performance, minimum safety measures, and a lot of downtime for maintenance or troubleshooting, leading plants to struggle to deal with the basics.

Acmon Systems provides advanced technology solutions in engineering, internal supply chain of bulk products, packaging, bagging, and control systems, while also providing state-of-the-art turnkey solutions. Whether it is an entirely new greenfield plant or a preexisting one, Acmon Systems provides efficient and cost-effective A to Z solutions and services, while redesigning new engineering and control systems that enhance preexisting assets and increase efficiency

With vast experience in turnkey plants and powder or liquid handling applications and deep know-how coming from hundreds of installations worldwide, Acmon Systems has developed an entirely new way of approaching each challenging environment right from the first moment. The use of 3D engineering model right from the conceptual phase of the project allows both inhouse engineering team and the project team of the customer to identify in detail potential setbacks or challenges that may occur in real production time, examine all design features closely to ensure optimal material flow, create the ideal interface and critical checking points for end users, while eliminate potential safety hazards or risks.

Along with 3D modeling, Acmon Systems also has a broad range of standardized solutions and a set of components on a skid base allowing the construction and engineering of a whole plant on a Lego-type principle, the possible expansion of your plant becomes a smooth process that ensures minimum down time and production timeslots, increasing overall efficiency during the installation and the commissioning phase.

We also implement the same approach and principle for automation and MES software platforms, providing intelligent but simple-to-use automation features, traceability and business reporting throughout the entire plant.


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