Acmon systems provide a complete range of powder and liquid batching plants for the chemical industry. Solutions ranging from raw materials reception and storage through batch preparation blending, filling to end line packaging and palletizing.

Acmon systems supply appropriate equipment to cope with the aggressive nature of chemical raw materials while ensuring quality standards are met and process efficiencies are provided. Environmental controls to minimize waste through dust aspiration systems allowing a high percentage of recycling or zero loss, are an important part of the design along with safety and functional standards.

Difficult handling properties of many chemicals are overcome by our extensive know-how in the field and we tailor make the raw material handling to ensure the best performance and value for money ratio.

Our process engineers and design team, work with you to find the plant design that fits your specifications integrated with your individual requirements. Acmon system’s broad experience in handling a variety of different materials, such as epoxy resins, hardeners, polyesters, talcum, polyurethanes, stabilizers, adhesives, etc, allows us to provide our customers optimum solutions for a wide range of chemicals production lines.

Should you have a challenging plant requirement Acmon will work to supply the answer, our years of experience from the team will provide the best fit solution.


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