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Bulk Handling Systems for over 25 years ...all over the world
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Industries need complete bulk handling systems and process engineering, perfectly suited to their needs, taking into consideration the specific characteristics of their raw materials. ACMON Systems has established itself in the market by designing, manufacturing and installing tailor made complete systems since 1986.
Acmon Group
Acmon Group is providing Complete Industrial Solutions for the last 25 years. The success of our company proved from the extended portfolio of satisfied customers. More specifically, our group consists from four companies, each one expertise to a specific industry sector, providing trustworthy solutions. ACMON Systems specialized in bulk handling systems for granule or liquid materials providing solutions from the raw material receive in silos, bags, big bags etc conveying and dosing systems for a big list of materials. ACMON Weighing & Automation specialized in industrial weighing systems as well as automation systems for the industry. ICON Systems specialized in designing, manufacturing and delivering systems that automate the packaging and conveying of the final products (systems for conveying, palletizing and packaging ). We are designing either conventional systems as well as robot systems. ACMON Data specialized in developing and implementing of IT solutions for the industry in order to cover needs like Production control and Warehouse management. Through these software modules our TRACEPro totally covers the needs of traceability, data collection, bar coding and labeling. More...
Worldwide Presence
A very important factor of ACMON's success is the international exposure. It was a strategic decision the fact that the wealth of the company was abroad. Through all these years of presence we build long term relationships with our customers and exactly that gave us the success in countries like Nigeria, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Poland, Ukraine, Soudan, Lebanon, Egypt, Russia and many other countries with smaller projects. Strategic collaborations with trustworthy suppliers, keeping international standards, gave to our projects the "respect” of an Official Supplier to many companies. This root of success took place in a difficult competitive international environment. More...
ACMON SYSTEMS is located in the Industrial Area of Inofita on its private owned buildings. The total area of our establishment is 12.000m2, out of which the 2.500m2, is the building of our company. The building has the workshop for the manufacturing of the metal constructions, the electronics’ workshop, the electricians’ workshop and the spare parts – raw materials warehouse. Finally in the building are also the offices for the sales and engineering department. More...
We do believe that the best way to justify the quality and the high level of the technical solutions of ACMON System's products is through our "live" projects.
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