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Turn key project for Pasta Production

Delivered in full operation (30/10/2012) to a global market leader in food production in Africa, a complete bulk handling system in order to feed several Pasta Production lines with a total capacity of 30t/h!

This new pasta factory is one of the most modern factories in the world incorporating high end equipment and certainly one of the highest capacity plants globally.

Key items of this project were:

-       Design & manufacturing of the steel building with façade of insulated panels
        in order to support 10 flour and semolina weighted storage silos
        with total capacity of approximately 2000m3. 
-       Necessary silos’ equipment, mechanical conveying and mixing/distribution
        systems,  pneumatic conveying in vacuum for the supply of the
        pasta production  lines.
-       Complete pasta recycling system of 3t/h capacity.

Acmon systems has designed, manufactured and commissioned an innovative pasta recycling system of 3t/h capacity which is:

- receiving pasta cut offs directly (automatic feeding) and indirectly (manual
        feeding) from pasta lines 
- Using appropriate grinders reducing pasta cut offs into smaller size
- Conveying pneumatically  pasta granules into broken silos storage
- Processing pasta granules, using milling and shifting techniques to further
        reduce granulometry into its final specification (pasta powder).
- Conveying of pasta powder to recycle storage silo pneumatically
- Feeding and dosing into the system recycled pasta powder in controlled

Special attention has been given into designing and manufacturing in order to meet specific requirements for: 
-       Selection of under pressure pneumatic conveying systems special designed
        to prevent vacuum leaks and installation of auto cleaning filters creating a
        dust proof environment safe and health for the employees. 
-       Use special handling and screening systems to minimize the change
        in granulation and preventing the decomposition of the mixtures. 
-       Flexible process control for various configurations of production (production
        management, recipes, reports, monitoring and control). 
-       Traceability at all stages of production's inventory control to interact with the systems installed
        ERP. Traceability covers all production stages, data recording, production reports and stock
        control, interfacing with existing ERP systems. 

In a nutshell, Acmon has proudly participated in a very challenging project at a quite challenging environment which required full utilization of our long engineering experience, our highly skilled employees combined with our strong commitment to deliver led us in another successful project and satisfied customer.

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