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An effective batch plant that supplying high quality mixed raw materials considered as the starting point for an overall plant performance improvement.
With a long life , vast, experience on batch houses, we can deliver you reforming, renovation, or modernization of your existing batch plant, install from scratch as well.

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Process Flow Diagrams
Drawing of the installation area
Equipment Specification
Process & ID Drawings
Evaluation of architectural drawings
Electrical diagrams
Safety rules of machinery's operation
Feasibility analysis of equipment's operation

Process expertise

Materials Intake
Train wagon discharge with effective deducting units, big bags unloading connected to daily hoppers or to pneumatic conveying units, effective vibratory or screw feeders, robust bucket elevators and controlled security operations for guaranteed discharging

Raw Materials Storage & Handling
Design, execute and install tailor-made solutions consists of all necessary equipment (silos, bucket elevators, conveyors,crushers, mixers, belts, etc)

Weighing & Dosing
Weighing & Dosing solutions for each step of batch process , such as scales, feeders, even micro-ingredient dosing systems if needed

Homogeneous Mixing
Offering efficient mixers, easy maintenance and with low energy consumption, specifically designed for glass batch mixing

Internal Cullet handling
A significant process in glass plants is the handling of internal cullet, collected either from the forming lines or the inspection areas. Conveyors transfer the rejected cullet back to special crushers and re-feed it together with external cullet back to the furnace ,for further glass production

b. AUTOMATION/ full Process Control

A "state of the art” control technology & process automation are key parts of the optimal batch plant ’s operation.

Acmon provides comprehensive control systems for batch houses as well as upgrading and optimization of existing systems.

The core of Acmon batch house control system is a powerful PLC , based on Siemens environment , accompanied with SCADA system that include several security interlocks and allow process-based visualization, web-based access to the batch system, recipe management, analysis of production data and high performance batching.

Indicative References
  • BA Greece (ex-YIOULA GLASSWORK): renovation of the existing plant with new weighing & dosing equipment /pneumatic conveying systems in dense phase for filling the existing outdoor silos with the raw materials / complete batch plant process control
  • DRUJBA GLASSWORK (BA Group): renovation of the existing plant with new weighing & dosing equipment /complete batch plant process control
  • STIROM GLASSWORK (BA Group): new batch plant control with complete SCADA system / new cullet management system for external and internal sources with collection from hot - cold end point / renovation of furnaces feeding line

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Admixture Plants in BPV Industry Acmon Systems recently delivered three major turn key plants in Africa region and Russia producing a large range of concrete admixtures, flooring solutions, cementitious grouts and concrete repair mortars for a well-known multinational firm.

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