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Small Bakery

Acmon Systems has standardized small indoor or outdoor silos, covering the need of storing flour in the bakery.

Under the new trends in European and in Greek market, bakery as small as they are, has to be modernized to reduce operational costs by one and ensure consistent quality production on the other.

Acmon Systems standardizes and provides for small bakeries flexible systems to be installed in small space and automated production to the lowest possible cost. Complies with all HACCP regulations and compatibility of equipment with ATEX. These bakery systems include:




MICROINGREDIENTS DOSING (salt, sugar, improvers, etc.)

LIQUID (glucose, vegetable oil, egg, water in specific temperature, yeast preparation in liquid form etc.)

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We do believe that the best way to justify the quality and the high level of the technical solutions of ACMON System's products is through our "live" projects.
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