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Bagging & Palletising systems

Our Systems provide a wide range of systems covering the bagging and palletizing needs of industry. Our systems adapted to almost all materials i.e. grains, flour, sugar, salt, food additives, hydroscopic powders and many others. The are different versions of machines and combinations in order to comply the needs of each application in terms of type of bag, capacity and handling material.

Dosing systems
Different types of dosing secures the accurancy of the system, taking into consideration the characteristics of handling materials. Here below is the full description of each system:

Net & gross weighing systems
-Gravity Chute
-Good flow products
-Transporting belt
-Granulated Products
-Vibrating Tray
-Irregular Products
-Feeder screw
-Fine products

Bagging in bags 5-50kg

Bagging machines for all type of bags:

  • Open mouth bags - sewn or thermal sealed after filling.
  • Valve Bags with the possibility of sealing with ultrasound.
  • FFS:Bag shaped, filled and sealed in its own bagging machine by means of plastic coil.

All bag material can be handled like paper, polyethylene, polypropylene.

Bagging in Big-bags
Big-bag filling system with 1 or 4 handles for bags of 500 to 2000 kg. It can be equipped with different dosing and weighing systems according to the physical characteristics of the product. The bag extraction system can be manually by a lift truck/fork lift or automatically with motorized roller conveyors. The big-bag filling station is also available in mobile version in order to service different places within the same factory.


Automatic bag palletizer

  • High output- Impecable pallet: High load palletizer and mobile pallet. Up to 4500 bags/hour.
  • Medium output- Maximum versatility: Articulated robot palletizer. Up to 1600 bags/hour.
  • Medium/low output- Minimum space. Palletizer by cable clip Up to 300 to 1200 bags/hour.








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